Better Radio Episode #08: Robotic Arms

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New episode of my FAVORITE PODCAST EVER!

The computer takes a vacation day, and Sheldon’s mind goes too.


• Pet Tank
• Diani & Devine: Wedding Witch
• Visual Aids
• Back to School
• Book of Z-Rob: Warning Shots

Featuring: G. Maximilian Zarou, Nicola Clarke, Rob Schultz, Matt Walsh, Anne Freiermuth, Fletcher Kauffman, Gabriel Diani, Etta Devine, Mike Clark, Russell Anderson, Dane Anderson, Sasha Huff, Matt Besser, Diana Wright, Jack Alison, Kenny Beck, Nick Mandernach, Paul Mueller, Dan Waters, and Tim Greer. And Z-Rob! With original tunes by Darius Holbert. ‘Wedding Witch’ transmission written by Diani & Devine.  ‘Back to School’ transmission written by Mike Clark and Dane Anderson. Production and Sound Design by Russell August Anderson. Written & Directed by Rob Schultz.

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