Jason Rohrer’s “Passage” – an Arthouse Video Game

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I’ve been wondering when some designers would start making, well, strange little digital creations instead of formulaic, level-driven video games. At the core my interest in video games has always been with the exploration and experimentation with the very fact that what I’m playing is a counterfeit world. One would think that clipping, irregular physics, and other glitches would inspire all kinds of more artistically focused games – but it’s not something I’ve seen much of.Enter Jason Rohrer whose pixelated, 5-minute game Passage does just that. The game was a submission for Kokoromi’s Gamma256 competition at the Montreal International Games Festival. It’s played at a bizarre 25:4 aspect ratio with an image size of 100 x 16. The game is truly an experience that must be played through to the end.While you’re at it, check out Jason Rohrer’s great blog Arthouse Games, which reports on similar indie artgames.Passage_1[via Kotaku]

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