general inquiries & press:

demo policy

we are currently accepting demo recordings for release in 2020.

please listen to our current releases and read up a bit about the label before submitting materials. if you feel there’s a strong resonance between your work and the type of projects we’re presenting, send an email to with a brief outline of your project and a download link to 2-3 representative tracks that won’t expire.

we promise to listen to all submissions carefully, as we know how much time and effort goes into crafting a release. please be aware that we are not able to respond to all submissions, and are only able to release a very select few. we are a small label with limited resources, and will typically only release 2-3 recordings per year. do not take a lack of response as any judgment about the quality of your music — there are a number of factors at play, including our current roster's release plans, aesthetic direction, and current resources.

if we like what we hear and feel your project might work on the label, we will be in touch, typically within 4-6 weeks.